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  • Léon Elie

    Thanks for the new Tumbl!  Love it!

    À suggestion:  If we could go back and edit the comments or messages we have written!



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  • You Fayou

    Thanks for the NewTumbl!

    My suggestions:

    - The new blog appearance change doesn't look nice for some blogs, it would be great to have the option to customize it. Simply 2 switch options = change it like it was before or how it is now.

    - The possibility to add hashtags to the page header.

    - Create a small link on the page header for disclaimer or other info to a separate page.

    - Edit the comments or messages we have written and/or give a like and send a notification to the person.

    - Takeout/backup software to download all files like photos/videos and GIFs.

    - go back to page no. 1,2,3...

    - Analytics of the most reblogged and liked post within last week. Analyzes your posts and creates lists of popular posts (along with tracking followers, tags, notes, etc).

    - The possibility to delete the blog by yourself.

    Thank you for your hard work.




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  • Geoffrey Wade Friend

    I’m a gay man unhappy seeing female breasts in some kind of advertising in the form of a persistent banner at the bottom of every page. I’m also not interested in the Trivia Quiz and I wish I could turn both banners off.

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  • Frank Galgano

    I agree with Geoffrey. At least give us an option to select our sexy ad preference?

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