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  • You Fayou

    This is not working. If you are not a follower but completely blocked, the blog that blocked you, can still be found. If you enter the name of the blocked blog into the search bar, the blog will be found and accessible. Please fix this problem. Thank you very much.




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  • Rogue24 this blog has been blocked however they are still accessing my blog and continuing to harass me!!! 

    Please fix this problem!!!

    update10/10/20: still being harassed by 

    And I’m being harassed by another blog. Why have you not fixed this problem!!!

    if a blog is not a follower and you block them with no permissions whatsoever that blog should not be able to access your blog!!!

    thats what block should do regardless if they are a follower or not!

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  • regina gotone doesnt work at all


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  • Rogue24

    I don't understand why blogs that have been blocked are still able to access/ see post/ enter act with my blog. Even going as far as to deny any permissions they are able to like, share, whatever from my blog page!!! This is a serious issue and should be or should have been resolved already!!!
    This is probably why newtumbl sucks a smelly asshole.
    Fix the problem!!!

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