Verifying Your Email Address



  • Joeym

    I am unable to verify my email address...and have tried changing email but does not work. I am not receiving a Verification email from NT and they are not responding to my emails to their Support Desk. 

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  • Carros Johnson

    yeah same issue, I am not getting any emails from the site

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  • Indifeat

    I cannot post to my blog. resend code button does not work, and support requests go unanswered.

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  • Jim Smith

    So like others over a year ago I cannot verify my email address. Never received an email upon creation and the resend button is not working. This is ridiculous.

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  • Jason Black

    So what is the point exactly of having terms of service, if you delete and censor people who aren't violating it? Whats the point exactly. If you don't want certain types of content then forbid them. Quit lying about what your terms of service are. Your lame website sucks bad enough as it is. 

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