Setting Your Comfort Zone



  • Jamsabu1

    Why do I keep getting this "Genre Required Please set at least one Genre for your blog.

    Click on the [Blog Settings] button below to complete this process, which takes less than a minute. A new window will open so you won't lose you your place in your search results.

    Genre settings can be found under the Persona tab." 

    After I have selected " W " for my ratings?

    Blog Settings
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  • Art Dhamar

    Why it is so difficult to even login into this newtumbl. Its frustrating!!!
    I cant even login! Your home page sucks

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  • Rogue24

    I recently received a notification that a blog post for midnightgaytalesXXX has a blog post that is out of range for rating. I have already reset the rating to the highest level (W) for all my blogs. Please remove these notifications and post the content in that section as it already complies with newTumbl guidelines.

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